“I would recommend this and put this in every woman’s arsenal for a must watch.”

“Hearing Mandy talk about so much serious stuff with so much honesty and also so much humor. I think what I value about that most is number one, it makes topics that we tend to think of as untouchable all of a sudden normalized and we’re able to talk about it, we’re able to laugh about it and we’re able to realize “Wait a minute, I’ve experienced these things; I know what it’s like to have a family that doesn’t have enough money. I know what it’s like to have hopes for myself that I just don’t know if I’ll ever be able to access. And I know what it’s like to not know if my body is really mine, if I’m allowed to advocate for that. And hearing Mandy talk about that in a way that is both pointed, but also fun, and point out what’s silly in it, also gives me permission to kind of think about what kind of life do I want what kind of things do I need and I I’m so I’m so appreciative of that and I admire so much her ability to do that.”

“She’s so courageous. She is fearless. And she’s hilarious. There’s not many people like her.”

“It’s hard to watch a show like that without having some kind of mental or emotional impact…Her whole story is just so representative of what so many people are going through right now. I learned how little male-bodied people, or excuse me, men know about what women have to deal with and how expensive it is to deal with so much of this stuff. It’s horrifying that our society does that.”

“I love that she can make a punchline hit and then just keep going with it to the point where my stomach hurts because I’m laughing at all the little bantering she’s doing by herself on stage.”

“It was pretty severe, actually, because I consider myself to be one of the lucky ones in that I haven’t had to go through the traumas that many of my friends have gone through in their lives. You know, I experienced rape, I experienced having to take the morning after pill, but I did not have to go to an abortion clinic. I have never had to have cosmetic surgery for any reason, physical or aesthetic. And I have not experienced pregnancy or have to go to in vitro fertilization. And the way she framed all of these stories in the little pearls, you know, was, it was just, it was touching to the deepest possible extent.”

“I think that the best time to share a story about something that is illegal, about your own body, the best time to do that is when it’s super illegal now. But since she’s providing it for us on this platter of being able to be funny and making it a little spinning on comedy, I think it’s perfect.”

“I did learn the alarming reality of silicone breakdown. I didn’t know about that. That was troubling. That was troubling. But we need to do better.”

 “I think that she’s doing something really amazing that she may not even realize what she’s doing and the impact that she’s making.”

“I think everything that Mandy talks about in this special is going to be very relatable because there’s a lot of women in my life who have had to deal with persecution from their peers, from people telling them that there’s something wrong with them or whatever. And then everybody above that, from the lawmakers to bosses to whatever. So to have somebody say, actually, here’s why you’re wrong is important. Because people need to be told that they’re wrong. That’s how we learn.”

“I love the show. I feel like any woman can relate to this. Some men too. But even though her stories weren’t my story, I related to what she was saying. Everything from body It’s so timely and so funny. I laughed so hard, but also I felt something deeper and cried, it was amazing. It was surprising and so good.”

“This show definitely had a mental and emotional impact for me, my girlfriend, and I’m sure every other audience member. There were several times that my girlfriend had just grabbed my hand, touched my arm, rubbed my arm because we couldn’t talk to each other because of the live taping, but we were already knew what she was saying was really resonating with us and was really emotional.”

“It’s what good art should be. It brings you a challenging subject in a way where you’ve got just enough distance that you can laugh about it, you can think about it, and you can move, you can change, and it’s a safe but nudging space for that to happen.”